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> Hello everybody!
> Is it possible to build an LFS system on 386/4Mb RAM/12Mb HDD? This is
> a very old notebook, so it has only floppy drive installed :) I've
> been trying to make PicoBSD working on it, but I couldn't manage that
> :( Perhaps LFS is the solution?
In short no - the hard disc is too small.

You might be able to compile a cut down lfs on another machine, and
transfer it to the 386. Take a look at the cross compiling hint,
and the boot cd hint. You may als be interested in busybox
(a single small program that provides to most commonly used bits
of diffutils, fileutils, grep, gzip, sh-utils, textutils, ...).

If you do use busybox, the included shells are all too limited to
configure the kernel, and the included version of sed is too
limited to configure glibc, but do you care? It would take over
a month to compile LFS on a 386. Think in terms of what the box is
capable of - for example a console base editer and browser.

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