partitioning & 1024 cylinder limit

Michael Klose mail at
Sat Mar 9 09:13:58 PST 2002

>When you do that you can install LFS anywhere you want without having to
>worry about those cylindric boundaries.

More important is that the BIOS recognizes the whole of the disk.

My laptop doesn't (I have a 20Gig in my thinkpad, the BIOS only 
recognizes 8 of it). As soon as you are in a 32 Bit OS the BIOS doesn't 
matter anymore. My Win98 C partition is 5gigs, followed by a 9 gig FAT32 
shared data. After that come several linux partitions. Plain DOS does 
see the 5Gig C, which is enough to boot up WIn98. Once windows is loaded 
and you have 32 bit, everything is recognized.

I boot linux via the win98 start menu using the loadlin.exe tool.

What I am saying is that the BIOS need to be able to see the whole disk, 
and even if it doesn't, there are work arounds. My server (dual PII-266 
Mhz, only recognizes up to 32Gigs, can't find a BIOS update), plugging 
in the 60 Gig Maxtor when it is on autodetect freezed the machine. 
Selecting "no harddisk" enables it to be bootable (I boot off an 8Gig). 
Linux still recognized the 60Gig HDD though and is mounted as one huge 
reiserfs parition.

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