Color in chroot'ed environment

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sat Mar 9 10:17:05 PST 2002

On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 07:08:00PM +0100, J?rgeb Lysgaard wrote:
> I have installed ncurses but Midnight Comander and Lynx is only in B/W 

$TERM may not be set properly. Even though when you enter chroot $TERM is
set to whatever your host distro's $TERM was set to, your host distro may
have made changes to /usr/share/terminfo files or replaced the file refered
by the $TERM value with something else.

In chroot, try setting $TERM to a value of xterm-color (this will make it
use the /usr/share/terminfo/x/xterm-color file). There are more files in
/usr/share/terminfo/x that you could use (xterm-xfree86 or xterm-xf86-v40)

Gerard Beekmans

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