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Peter van Kampen pterk at
Sat Mar 9 18:00:43 PST 2002

! Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote on [020309 20:08]:
> On Sat, Mar 09, 2002 at 12:52:28PM -0600, dennis wrote:
> > Thanks, I've successfully upgraded lilo. One further question: 
> > 
> > Can I move SuSE's /boot out of its own primary partition  (/dev/sda2)
> > now that it no longer needs one, and into /dev/sda4 where SuSE's /
> > resides? I would prefer to put lfs into a primary partition rather than
> > a logical partition, but this is impossible (?) while SuSE's /boot is
> > there. 
> Not a problem. Just update the /etc/fstab file and remove the sda2
> reference to mount the boot partition.

If you're short of diskspace, stuck with an old bios or think it's
silly to duplicate your kernel's for all /boot directories: You can
share the same /boot partition between lfs and Suse (or any other
distro). Remembering vaguely:

1. the lilo versions were at least compatible or the same (host distro
was/is debian potato) (I may have upgraded lilo)

2. the etc/lilo.conf were identical for both cases

3. lilo was run from the 'host' distro (but should it matter?).

Also, both distro's used ext2 only. 

Use a naming-convention for files in the /boot partition


which, IIRC -- and I was informed correctly -- enables the kernel to
find the corresponding Configfiles are optional but it
makes sense to me to keep the config file next to the compiled kernel
for reference (did I include option xx?).

So I could boot from the same /boot partition with a 2.2.19 kernel for
debian and with 2.4.10 into lfs. Maybe I still can, but said machine
is my mailserver now...and I'm not rebooting to find out ;-)


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