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Sanctus Evanidus evanidus at
Sat Mar 9 22:44:55 PST 2002

LinuxMan <linuxman2k1 at> wrote:

> when i shutdown the computer (shutdown -h now or halt) the network 
> (dhcpcd) doesnt always exit properly. can anyone help me?

I don't know how your bootscripts for network/dhcpcd work but ensure you use
"dhcpcd -k" to terminate dhcpcd instead of a kill. (not sure if not using
it would actualy cause problems, never tried) If you were already doing so, 
then I don't know, would need more details...

>From dhcpcd manpage:
       -k     Sends SIGHUP signal to the dhcpcd process  that  is
              currently  running.  If  dhcpcd  receives SIGHUP it
              will send DCHP_RELEASE message to  the  server  and
              destroy  dhcpcd  cache.  In  a case dhcpcd receives
              SIGTERM which is normally used by shutdown(8)  when
              rebooting   the   system   dhcpcd   will  not  send
              DHCP_RELEASE and will not destroy cache. When  sys-
              tem boots dhcpcd will use cache to request the same
              IP address from  DHCP  server  which  was  assigned
              before the system went down.

If you use SIGTERM (kill -15) to terminate it, cache will not be deleted. Is
this your problem? If yes, that should solve it.

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