Glibc-2.2.5 compile error in chapter 6 of LFS 3.2

Don Smith midio at
Mon Mar 11 10:50:12 PST 2002

"Bill Maltby LFS Related" <lfsbill at> wrote in message
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> Don,
> Both machines have "adequate" swap. The "biggie" has two swaps -
> 1 of 128MB and the secondary of 132MB. But, I never saw "excessive"
> use of these. I began to wonder if it was being effectivey used.
> What I saw, in retrospect, was signs of thrashing. _Very_ slow
> (1 day install time before "unoptimizing") on the "biggie" machine.
> After my umm... corrections, install was about 10 hours. Since I
> saw performance improvement in conjunction with reliable operation
> when I reduced memory requirements, I deduced kernel 2.2 swap
> paging) was not very good and it probably was thrashing. With all
> i18n being done, it would sit for hours on the last two or three
> files in glibc install.

Yes, your install time is limited by you disk speed. I have
approximately the same times on a somewhat slower processor. 92% idle
during heavy swapping, er.. paging.

> The little machine has 64MB of swap. I still have'nt got this one
> completely through. The gcc install is dying with interrupt 11.
> But I am tenacious.
> Bill Maltby
> billm at

32+64MB may not be enough. I was compiling a package that uses templates
extensively and the compiles would take ~90MB (and *way* too many hours)
all by themselves. With everything else thrown in, memory usage
approached 128MB. Does glibc have any templates in it? (I doubt it but
you never know...)


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