Glibc-2.2.5 compile error in chapter 6 of LFS 3.2

Don Smith midio at
Mon Mar 11 13:43:35 PST 2002

"Bill Maltby LFS Related" <lfsbill at> wrote in message
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> Don,
> Based on your earlier post, I began an introspective on swap on the
> little machine. And (great minds ...) reached a similar conclusion
> that it's swap might be insufficient. So I rolled over there and
> made 256MB swap on my 10K RPM 20GB (gee! Is this overkill on a 166MHz
> AMD?) HD that I have laying on top of the case.

Until your disk accesses are faster than memory accesses, it's never
overkill. :-)

> Pop to top (I love alliteration :)  ) and watch for a few minutes.
> Not yet into localization stuff yet, but I saw that make accumulates
> gobs of memory until it gets to "..leaving directory..". So, we can
> now predict that 2^32 nationalizations will require 38,327 light
> years to complete because make will accumulate 74,000TB of memory
> (or appx. .00174% of a new IBM NAS appliance minimal config).
> Watcha think - in the ballpark?
> Bill
> billm at

Nah, make will stop accumulating when you run out of swap (does make
*ever* let go of a buffer?), then the time will increase exponentially,
say 38 b.y.


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