Glibc - swap is not my problem

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Mar 11 13:51:43 PST 2002

<subtitle>Watching Paint Dry</subtitle>

After Bill's earlier mail, I've watched "make && make install" on
glibc-2.2.5. Bear in mind that make had already built everything, and that
`make install' reinstalls files regardless of whether they are already
there (I'm the one with the libc.texinfo problem in `make install').

On a K6/2 500, using two ttys (one in chroot, another for `top') with 64Mb
RAM, about 66Mb swap, with a slow disk, and running 2.4.17-jl15-ll (ide
patches, low-latency, rmap-12?) the usage gets over 99% and is typically
more than 80% `user' (even just checking the Makefiles and discovering
that all targets are up to date). During the install there are a lot of
files being gzipped and again the usage hits over 99%. But swap use starts
at less than 3Mb (there was still free real memory) and doesn't change. Of
course, if you've got the vanilla 2.4.17 VM you might well need more swap.

And no, I'm _not_ doing this in Xterms ;)


pppg_penguin.linux.bogus 2.4.17-jl15-ll 2011.95 BogoMIPS

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