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Ira Mendell ibm at bestweb.net
Mon Mar 11 17:58:33 PST 2002

We were wondering is it possible that there was a problem when I installed
either the bootscripts and or bash and I didn't notice. Is it advisable to
recompile one or the other or both.  If so do you recommend doing so as
chroot or within the new system. My son says that I would also have to
recompile the kernel afterwards.  Is he correct.
     Thank you


Ira Mendell wrote:

> Hello,
>    When I first boot lfs it says        (none) login:
>    As an experiment I copied from my Redhat 7.2 dist the
> '/.bash_profile', '/.bashrc'  and etc/bashrc and etc/hosts
>   Now after I login as root I get the following:
> [(root)@(none) root]#
>    Where it says ' none ' its supposed to have the host name but it
> doesn't show. Any thoughts. It works fine on the Redhat dist.
>  I tried to add a non root user which worked but it didn't create a home
> directory for the user. I know I can manually create one but I thought
> this is done by the system.
>  Also is there a way to slow the listing when lfs is booting up I think
> I see references to missing  file maybe I missed some configuration
> steps originally.
>                   Thank you
>                              Ira

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