Gcc Sig 11 Fails, Small Config Machine, WorkAround

Bill Maltby LFS Related lfsbill at wlmlx1.wlmcs.com
Wed Mar 13 15:55:31 PST 2002

Hi Rod,

In spite of my usual hard-headedness and initial answer, I went and
took a look at the site you mentioned.

I'll tell ya' - they'll make you think about it and take a second look.
Now I'm really uncertain whether or not to pursue their suggestions.

If I didn't have similar symptoms on two different hardware
platforms over RH 6.2, RH 6.0 and LFS 20020219, I would really be
convinced. Plus they _do_ have the upfront about it usually is
software and their discussion focuses on the hardware side.

Now, I'm just wishy-washy about it.

Anyway, wanted to say thanks for the URL and let you know you didn't
waste your time. It got the old noggin thinking about how to best
confirm my real problem.


Bill Maltby
billm at wlmcs.com

P.S. I checked out the home page and couldn't find a link into what
looked like FAQs (the sig11 you ref'd). Any clues how to access the
general info are on their site. It looked _very_ informative.

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Bill Maltby LFS Related wrote:

> Already had done that Rod. But when I run Micro-2000 diags on it
> all is OK. Plus, if you missed earlier threads, I had same symptoms
> on my 200MHz RH 6.2 64MB, but to a lesser degree. A good portion is
> engendered by my "... aggressive" shell coding style to minimize
> fork/exec, etc. I was able to get around the probs on the bigger
> machine by carefully backing out some of the agressiveness for a
> couple of packages, like glibc, ncurses, etc.
> <snip>

> On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Rod Roark wrote:
> > Consider also the possibility of defective hardware.  See 
> > http://www.bitwizard.nl/sig11/.
> > 
> > -- Rod
> >    http://www.sunsetsystems.com/
> > 
> > On Wednesday 13 March 2002 10:44, Bill Maltby LFS Related wrote:
> > > Ahhhh, at last a potential workaround (_not_ a fix).
> > >
> > > <snip>

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