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Curtis Haas WonderBoy5150 at
Wed Mar 13 16:13:43 PST 2002

If I understand you correctly, all the scripts run individually by me. I
don't have one master script executing the others.
This is how I have it:
LFS-Chapter4_A (Creates the directory structure)
LFS-Chapter4_B (Unpacks the main tar package, then goes to work on the other
LFS-Chapter5 (Totally installs chapter5)
LFS-Chapter6_A (Creates the .bash_profile, then enters the chroot'ed
LFS-Chapter6_B (Installs Glibc)
LFS-Chapter6_C (Installs MAKEDEV through Bash)
LFS-Chapter6_D (Installs Flex all the way through Configuring Essential
LFS-Chapter7 (Totally sets up chapter7)
LFS-Chapter8_A (Creates fstab the way I need it)
LFS-Chapter8_B (Does the rest of the book, done)

If I knew more about scripting, I would have made just 1 script, it's just
that when I enter the chroot'ed env. and when glibc and bash are install,
the --login switch is given causing me to loose my previous env. and
anything that was running in that terminal before it.
I wouldn't think memory would be a problem here. The first couple times I
got LFS installed and working without a hitch, I was monitoring the
compiling/installing with 'gkrellm' running on my desktop.
And that is what amazed me about Linux in general.
I would watch the memory usage say:
128Meg Total
56M Used - 72M Free

Of course it fluctuated, but Free memory never dropped bellow 50M.
Swap space is setup like so:
Host Distributions has it's own on the same drive as the host software,
different partition: 256Meg
The LFS system has it's own on it's same drive as the LFS software,
different partition: 384Meg
(I have 2 hard drives)
One thing I was thinking on trying was adding some sort of "time delay"
before the installation of the programs that were causing me grief. One
thing I noticed (I think this is a KDE problem....slow) is that even thought
something said it was finished doing something, it really wasn't. Like 15
seconds, Whether it be a file to show up in a directory, or something. But I
could be seeing things...

I just woke up from a 5 hour nap after re-installing my Host distribution
and setting it up to have the correct software installed.
Right now, LFS-Chapter6_B is running (Un-Optimized).
So, if LFS installs OK this time, it HAD to be something screwy with my host
distro settings.

Can someone answer my other 2 questions:
Why does the 'echo' command not like this symbol ' (apostrophe)

And say I have a hint, how do I post it.
 It's for gdm (Gnome display manager) without having to installing all of


"Don Smith" <midio at> wrote in message
news:a6o0ts$e46$1 at
> Some others here have had this problem. When you run your scripts, do
> you have a upper level script that runs all your individual package
> scripts? Apparently, on smaller systems, memeory usage just goes over
> the limit when doing that so the big conglomeration script has failures
> while rerunning them by hand individually works. Try increasing the size
> of your swap space to 256MB.
> --
> Don
> LFS# 734
> P.S. sorry about losing the inclusion marks below, but my stupid MS
> Outlook drops them when converting to text....
> ""Curtis Haas"" <WonderBoy5150 at> wrote in message
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> 3 month linux newbie here... LFS for 1 of those.
> LFS version: 3.1
> Glibc version: 2.2.4
> System: Intel P200MHz MMX 128M RAM
> Using the lfs-packages-3.1.tar from the site.
> Has anyone else besides me noticed having problems when, say a program
> fails to compile:
> You remove the source tree for that program.
> You re-extract the files for that program.
> The "new and fresh" source tree is put in the same location as the
> failed one.
> You re-issue the same exact commands that you did before, yet this time
> the program compiles and installs without error???
> Here is what I have been playing around with.
> I have 2 directories setup.
> 'Un-Optimized'
> 'Optimized'
> Each of these folders contains "cheesy scripts" that I made to make the
> installation process of LFS go quicker so I don't have to keep running
> back to the machine 50 times or so.
> With this information being said, why would what happened up above
> happen? I would restart the script at the program it bombed on and would
> work fine, and all I did was remove/re-extract the source tree.
> At first I though it was the 'Optimized' "scripts" that was causing me
> grief, but after re-partitioning and setting up a new file system then
> using 'Un-Optimized' "scripts" it's doing the same thing.
> These are the programs, in order, that are causing me grief:
> (This is only in the Chapter6 programs)
> Fileutils
> Grep
> Sh-utils
> Tar
> Textutils
> For some reason in the back of my mind, the chroot env is "sprinkling"
> the Host Distribution on my system with some saved settings or
> something. All these scripts are doing is just one installation of a
> program after another, all in order in the book.
> The "scripts" are basically text files with '#!/bin/sh' header.....don't
> laugh, I don't know programming :-(
> I am going to try the 'Un-Optimized' scripts again, after I reinstall my
> distribution, something might have gotten screwed up, but that doesn't
> explain what I said up above.
> In this January 2002 archive, this guy seems to have had the same
> problems I am having, but with just gcc...
> 09.html
> I have screen shots of what the programs do. Sorry for not saving the
> original text output, but I don't think the output or the screen shots
> matter in my case. If any of you would like to take a look at my so
> called "scripts" I can attach them in a reply.
> 2 more questions:
> Why does the 'echo' command not like this symbol ' (apostrophe)
> And say I have a hint, how do I post it.
> It's for gdm (Gnome display manager) without having to installing all of
> gnome
> Thanks.
> Curtis

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