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Wed Mar 13 23:08:36 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 12:09:30 +0530
"hari_bhr" <hari_bhr at> wrote:

> hi all gurus
> iam trying to install LFS on redhat 7.2
> i have mounted /mnt/lfs
> amd made all the necessarary directories
> can some one tell me
> all the configure and make and install
> should using root login or LFS login
> iam not sure, please can some one guide me 
> all the installation to be done using ROOT iam thinking
> if not please correct me
> thanks in advance for the help
i'm assuming that you are about to chroot into the mounted lfs partition. if that's the case then you will not have to login; you will automatically have uid 0. if you're about to boot into your lfs install, then you will need to login as root because you shouldn't have a lfs user set up, and you will need root permissions to install all the software.

if this didn't help, please be a bit more specific as to where you are in the install process (which chapter in the book).

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