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Daniel Savard spam at nospam.org
Thu Mar 14 10:05:07 PST 2002

On Thu, 14 Mar 2002 12:46:45 -0500, % wrote :

> On Thursday 14 March 2002 07:58, Daniel Savard wrote:
>> ... If I understand, I must have a working system with devfs enabled in
>> order to build a LFS system with devfs....
> Dunno why that would be necessary.  See
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/filesystems/devfs/ for info about
> installing devfs to an existing (LFS) setup.

Well, you are right if I just migrate from a LFS system without devfs and
want to enable devfs. However, if you are building a LFS system and want
this one to have devfs, your working system will need to be devfs enabled
since instead of running the MAKEDEV script, you will mount a devfs
filesystem over /lfs and continue with remaining steps in chapter 6.

In my particular case, my source system is not devfs enabled and is using
LVM. It cannot be switched to devfs since LVM will not support the
switch. If I hadn't use LVM or had enabled devfs in my kernel BEFORE
switching to LVM, I would be in business...

If I am wrong, which would be great, could someone let me know?

Daniel Savard
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