Gcc Sig 11 Fails, Small Config Machine, WorkAround

Don Smith midio at att.net
Thu Mar 14 15:30:35 PST 2002

"Bill Maltby LFS Related" <lfsbill at wlmlx1.wlmcs.com> wrote in message
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> Rod,
> Do you have any doubt that I read the whole thing? I saw those things
> which seemed to confirm my initial diagnosis but did not want to
> give them too much credence just because they agreed with me. The
> other items I had _not_ fully excersied yet, so I'm going to focus
> on something short and sweet to see if there's more I need to do
> in the hardware area or it may confirm that I was already on the right
> track.
> Cheers,
> Bill Maltby
> billm at wlmcs.com
> On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Rod Roark wrote:
> > Heh.  I have to say that one thing I really hate is building
> > an expensive box and then seeing it sig11 on a kernel compile
> > (one of my standard tests).  It's always a hassle to figure out
> > what's broken.
> >
> > However notice also that the article lists some other known
> > causes near the end, such as insufficient virtual memory.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >

I can only report that I have never gotten this error on my old 486/66
24MB mem and 128MB swap. So if your system is this size or bigger, VM
limitations is (probably) not your problem. Of course that system now
has 48MB mem but that's a different story.


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