shadow 4.02

Jeff mr2323a at
Fri Mar 15 02:23:09 PST 2002

From: "Jeff" <mr2323a at>
> I'm going through the cvs 20020311 book and have come to shadow. I've
> that the only difference between the new and the lfs3.2 instructions are the
> subtraction of these lines:
> cp src/useradd.c src/useradd.c.backup &&
> sed 's/\(.*\) (nflg || \(.*\))\(.*\)/\1\2\3/' \
>    src/useradd.c.backup > src/useradd.c &&
> cd /lib &&
> mv libshadow.*a /usr/lib &&
> ln -sf &&
> cd /usr/lib &&
> ln -sf ../../lib/ &&
> cd /usr/share/man/man8 &&
> ln -sf vipw.8 vigr.8
> Is it safe to assume that I don't need the above instructions in the shadow
> hint either? Will changing the login.defs sed command to enable MD5 be
> And what about the vigr man link? Is it created automatically now?

Nevermind. CVS has changed again. Must start over....Gotta have the brightest,
shinyest, latest OS. :-) Of course, once I go through this one, the question
may stand. I haven't gone over the instructions, yet

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