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Mark Binns mbinns at compsoc.man.ac.uk
Sat Mar 16 03:33:45 PST 2002

On Sat, 16 Mar 2002, Aulis Telle wrote:
> does anybody know an easy way to log which files get installed and where
> they get installed during the installation process of a package?

I use a combination of two methods (not exactly pretty).

a) touch /root/timestamp
   <do the install>
   find / -newer /root/timestamp -print | \
         egrep -v '^/proc' | \
         egrep -v '^/root' | \
         egrep -v '^/usr/src' >/root/files-modified

   (Gets all the files that have been modified apart from in /proc, /root
    and /usr/src. This method seems to get directories that have had
    files modified in them too. It also doesn't work all that well for
    things like the man-pages install as it copies files preserving their
    older timestamps, thus not picking them up).

b) find / -not -path '/proc*' \
          -and -not -path '/root*' \
          -and -not -path '/usr/src*' >/root/before

   <do the install>

   find / -not -path '/proc*' \
          -and -not -path '/root*' \
          -and -not -path '/usr/src*' >/root/after

   cd /root

   diff before after |egrep -v '^[0-9]' |cut -b3- >files-added

   (That gets the files added apart from in /proc, /root and /usr/src.
    NB: Files that have been overwritten won't be picked up by this


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