Live CD for installation - Re: New Installation

Jochen Suckfuell jo-lfs at
Sat Mar 16 07:16:45 PST 2002


> > A Linux that runs solely in RAM can't possibly contain everything you
> need
> > such as compilers, linkers, static libraries and more. You really need
You should check out KNOPPIX, it's a live Linux CD where you have boot
options for choosing among KDE, GNOME, WindowMaker, others, X
resolution, much more.
It recognizes most hardware, even runs on Laptops, has gimp, OpenOffice,
development tools (haven't checked those myself), XMMS, isdn-tools,
rescue, security, network tools, ...

I can imagine you can use it to mount an empty Linux-Partition and build
a first bootable system.

The URL is . The page is in german, but
there are links to english papers, and the CD image supports many


Jochen Suckfuell
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