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LinuxMan linuxman2k1 at
Sat Mar 16 17:41:49 PST 2002

Anders Widman wrote:
> I have two questions.
> 1) What is the difference between the "standard" kernel releses and
> the AC & DJ patches?
> 2) Booting from kernel 2.4.19-3 does not work. It freezes right after
> displaying BogoMIPS. 2.4.19-2 works fine. I have tried with a clean
> config, my old config. I have a PIII CPU, with 440BX and a ATI Rage XL
> AGP card.
> //Anders.

The AC (Alan Cox) and DJ (forgot what that is) is a patch to the kernel 
that for example Alan wants put into the kernel but is not yet "blessed" 
by Linus.
As for kernel 2.4.19-3 i couldnt get it to work either. It could just be 
  that it doesn't work at all. FYI. i have P2 266 ATI Rage 128.

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