problem installing Installing Texinfo-4.0

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Sun Mar 17 00:35:52 PST 2002

[17.03.02 10:05 +0530] hari_bhr <-- :
> when i compile chapter 5 using LFS login
> then i should delete the used one in Chapter 6 , if the same one repeat from
> chapter 5 and 6
> is this right
> can you just confirm me
> but i found some of them chen i compile chapter 5 and 6 are working
> is this right thing iam doing
> or here also i have delete and take source and recompile
> please advice
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> From: Gerard Beekmans <gerard at>
> Subject: Re: problem installing Installing Texinfo-4.0
> > See chapter 2. Never re-use the same source tree from chapter 5.

As Gerard and the book says, the most cleanest way is always to use
a freshly unpacked source tree. This means:

in chapter 5 and in chapter 6:
1. unpack package_to_do.tar.bz2 or .gz
-. do configure ... make ... make install ...
2. go to the directory where your unpacked sources are (usually /usr/src)
3. remove the source directory which you just compiled
-. could be something like: rm -fR package_do_do-<version>/

If you have to redo that package begin with 1. again.

I personally NEVER ever use make clean. It might work or it might
not work correctly. And it is simply faster to remove the old
source directory and unpack it freshly than searching whether a
make clean did a correct job.

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