help with nVidia drivers.

doc doc256 at
Sun Mar 17 01:06:22 PST 2002

    I've just finished an install of lfs 3.2-rc2, and have now just
installed Xfree86. After downloading the correct nVidia drivers for my card,
I tried to build and install them, but the kernel module refuses to install.
I get the error:

make: which: command not found
 4@ 4@/bin/sh:  -m: command not found
make: *** [package-install] error 127

    I was told that which is a program (or something) but cannot find it
anywhere. I think that I also need to specify a dir to install to, but don't
know what one. I have read the README's that comes with the driver packs,
and the nVidia_glx hint in the hints dir on lfs ftp site as well but they
wern't able to help with this.

    Any help may be usefull, and Thankyou for reading this.
        doc256 at

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