help with nVidia drivers.

Volker Schwarz at
Mon Mar 18 01:44:06 PST 2002

At 20:06 17.03.02 +1100, you wrote:
>     I've just finished an install of lfs 3.2-rc2, and have now just
>installed Xfree86. After downloading the correct nVidia drivers for my card,
>I tried to build and install them, but the kernel module refuses to install.
>I get the error:
>make: which: command not found
>  4@ 4@/bin/sh:  -m: command not found
>make: *** [package-install] error 127
>     I was told that which is a program (or something) but cannot find it
>anywhere. I think that I also need to specify a dir to install to, but don't
>know what one. I have read the README's that comes with the driver packs,
>and the nVidia_glx hint in the hints dir on lfs ftp site as well but they
>wern't able to help with this.
>     Any help may be usefull, and Thankyou for reading this.
>         doc256 at


Look in the lfs hints, there is a hint for emulating which. I had the same 
problem and with the hint it worked really fine.


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