Bare bones minimum system?

Sam Halliday sam at
Mon Mar 18 05:18:40 PST 2002

ok here is the strip script i run, its slightly reworked from LFS 3.0, but 
ive never had any problems, but still, i reccomend a system backup, as the 
book says, 99% of people dont have any problems....
-----(17 lines)
df > dfbeforeovernight
echo "Stripping Libraries"
find /{,usr,usr/X11R6,usr/local,usr/X11R6/kde2,usr/X11R6/kde3,usr/games}/lib\
-type f -exec /usr/bin/strip --strip-debug '{}' ';'
echo "Stripping binaries"
-type f -exec /usr/bin/strip '{}' ';'
echo "Before strip script was run:"
cat dfbeforeovernight
echo "
After strip script run:"
echo "
rm dfbeforeovernight
and this will also show the disk space before and after stripping. i am also 
working on this script, but i truly do not reccomend it! its for sake of 
interest if you are never using c complier again, it removes (well backs up) 
all the statically linked libraries, again, i am probably never going to run 
this one myself, you have been warned! 5 lines make sure the email didnt crop 

find /{,usr,usr/X11R6,usr/X11R6/kde2,usr/games}/lib -name lib*.a \
-exec tar fr archive.tar '{}' ';'
find /{,usr,usr/X11R6,usr/X11R6/kde2,usr/games}/lib -name lib*.a \
-exec rm '{}' ';'
bzip2 archive.tar

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