Sam Halliday sam at neutrino.phy.uct.ac.za
Mon Mar 18 06:01:49 PST 2002

> Have you tried to rebuild sh-utils? I have a strong suspicion that you
> completed chapter 6 in two or more steps, and forgot to mount the proc
> filesystem before configuring sh-utils. The configure script should
> detect the proc entries to use. If you still have the problem after
> rebuilding sh-utils, please send the configure output.

i will do that now!

but another simple question, i needed to install csh for some programs, but 
since i set the LS_COLORS variable in my .bash_profile file, i get this 
warning on every c shell startup and then it exits
Unknown colorls variable `do'.
this is easily rectified by typing
export LS_COLORS=''
and csh again, but then on re-entering bash, ive lost my file colours. i 
tried recompiling fileutils, with the whole dircolors.h file set the way i 
like, but this is actually only for the output of the program dircolors, it 
doesnt actually compile in the colours for ls. does anyone have a patch/hack 
to get the file colours 'compiled in' to ls. i can send my dircolors.hin file 
if you want!

cheers again,
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Our middle-aged shots do us justice.
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		-- Thomas H. Hildebrandt
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