LFS 3.2 bootable installation CD for i386

Christophe Devine devine at debiam.org
Mon Mar 18 09:21:35 PST 2002

hari_bhr wrote:

> hi all


> i have downloaded ISO image and burn the CD
> can you some one tell me the procedure to install in PC

The installation steps are displayed on the screen when bash starts;
they consist of:

| 1) first, partition your hard disk using fdisk, cfdisk or  sfdisk

This assumes that you know what a partiton table is, and how to create
the necessary ext2/swap partitions. You can do a 'man fdisk' to get more
information (yes, the manpages are on the CD :-). You may also read the
book, which is located in /root/lfs/LFS-BOOK-3.2.txt

| 2) create the  ext2 and  swap filesystems  with mke2fs and mkswap

Again, you have the manpages at your disposal.

| 3) mount the target partition  on /mnt/lfs  and activate the swap

Maybe I should have added that you can activate the swap with 'swapon'

| 4) then compile your LFS system by running make in ~/lfs/packages

That's the quickest way to go - the next release of the cd will contain
gpm, lynx & multiple console, so that people who don't trust my Makefile
can cut&paste ;-)

| 5) compile  the kernel in  /mnt/lfs/usr/src/linux  and install it
| 6) edit configuration files in /mnt/lfs/etc, run lilo and reboot.

The book contains detailed instructions on how to do this.

Hope this helps,

Christophe Devine

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