lilo installation

Benjamin Schindler config at
Mon Mar 18 12:06:19 PST 2002

Hey, I am running into problems... I want to install lilo into the mbr. 
I install it on the slave drive so that i can put it into another 
Computer. I typed:
/mnt/LFS/sbin/lilo -C /mnt/LFS/etc/lilo.conf -b /dev/hdb  

I got the following messages

WARNING: LBA32 Adressing mode assumed
WARNING: COMPACT may conflict with LBA32 on some systems
WARNING: /dev/hdb is not on the first disk (I know that I can ignore 
this one: I want it to be installed on hdb)
FATAL: First boot sector is 21.7 Expecting version 22.1 (weird.... i 
never used Linux on this harddisk. Why does it know of the presence of 
lilo 22.1....)

And here is my lilo.conf (from LFS: I created it by hand. It might have 
many errors. I tried hard to get it right :):

boot = /dev/hda
delay = 40
vga = normal
image = /boot/lfskernel
        label = lfs
        root = /dev/hda5
        read-only    (is this really needed. I don't understand why it 
is beeing used...)
other = /dev/fd0
        label = floppy

Is this allright or what could I do?

I have some further questions....

-The lfs partition is /dev/hdb5, not hdb1... no problem?
-The Computer this HD (3Gb) is going to run on will have 64mb ram. How 
large should the swap partition be? (A silly question, but the documents 
i looked at were either not very helpful or quite outdated...)

Thank you a lot

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