Removing Static Libraries

Don Smith midio at
Tue Mar 19 07:30:39 PST 2002

If you don't keep static libraries around you cannot build a static
system (like chapter 5). Also a few static libraries don't have dynamic
counterparts (at least there used to be a few).

There probably are a few you could safely delete, but I don't know which
ones those would be.

LFS# 734

"Carmen" <cmwck at> wrote in message
news:3C968351.8030002 at
> Hi, I'm halfway through chapter 6 of the LFS book and I just have one
> question regarding the static libraries which were installed during
> chapter 5.  Now that I'm compiling everything with dynamic libraries
> instead of static, do I really need the old static libraries lying
> around?  Is it safe to remove them to save some space?  If so, what
> would be the best way, as i don't think doing a rm *.a on the whole
> system sounds like a good idea.
> thanks,
> -Carmen

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