Removing Source Tree in Ch 5 [Was Re: problem installing Installing Texinfo-4.0]

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Tue Mar 19 11:27:35 PST 2002

"Don Smith" <midio at> wrote:
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> > Gerard Beekmans wrote:
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> > >On Sun, Mar 17, 2002 at 05:03:16PM -0500, Seth W. Klein wrote:
> > >
> > >I don't agree with adding that kind of stuff. It'll cause more grieve than
> > >is worth, especially if Glibc is removed and the installation didn't
> > >finish properly you notice afterwards. You can't rerun make install since
> > >you just removed the source tree. Sure you should look before you type
> > >something like that, but it's easy to miss.

I think this will _save_ grief. If the installation didn't finish
properly the source tree probably _should_ be deleted and the whole
process for that package redone from the beginning.

Not to mention that, as Tush pointed out, the commands are connected
with && so if `make install' fails, the rm won't be executed.

> > >I think we'll just have to live with it. I'll make sure the note in the
> > >book is made more prominent.
> > >
> > I agree with Seth, and I think he only talked about removing the source
> > tree in Chapter 5. Also, if we can use && to prevent deletion if any
> > error occurs.

And we already use &&.

But, i was actually talking about removing the source tree every
single time, not just in chapter 5. At the risk of repeating myself,
i think this is good. Even if the commands weren't connected with &&,
there are _very_ few situations - especially when cut and pasting -
where `make install' should be rerun after a failure without also
rebuilding the tree.

> This problem only occurs if you either 1) don't read the introductory
> chapters and just start building or 2) you get too smart and try to save
> the extra extraction from the tarballs in chapter 6. So I must agree
> with Gerard.

And evidence suggests that this supposedly unlikely case is common.

Seth W. Klein

P.S. Gerard, if you do decide to use this, let me know first so i can
fix a bug in that patch and repost it.
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