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Marc Heerdink marc at
Tue Mar 19 11:49:04 PST 2002

Op di 19-03-2002, om 20:35 schreef Matthew Blake:
> Ok, so i am a complete newbie using Redmond Linux, and am having problems 
> following the LFS already!! Can anyone help please?

Redmond Linux is afaik unable to build an LFS system. It doesn't even
contain development tools IIRC (I read a review today) and that is the
most basic requirement for building an LFS system.

> When i got to the point of installing Bash (and yes i did follow the 
> instructions exactly -several times to make sure!) i do not have either 
> of the /usr/lib/libcurses.a and libncurses.a installed on my new lfs 
> system.  
> do i need these files on my new LFS system or is it referring to my 
> Redmond Linux system?

Redmond Linux, because it's /usr/lib, not $LFS/usr/lib.

> As i don't have them installed that is presumable why the next command 
> for installing bash didn't work – the ./configure –enable -static etc etc 
> command and why i get "bash: ./configure: No such file or directory"

Are you sure you're in the $LFS/usr/src/bash-2.05a directory? Do you
have the /bin/sh -> /bin/bash symlink or a binary /bin/sh?

> So when i install ncurses directory as the manual says, where do i 
> install it? Is it in the /usr/lib 
> on my new LFS or somewhere else? 

You should install the ncurses libraries from the CDROM that came with
your Redmond Linux distribution (although I doubt if they ship it), so
they end up in /usr/lib. Installing ncurses on your LFS system will be
dealt with later in chapter 6.

> Someone please help me, its doing me head in and i want to get away from 
> windows!!!

Why not use Redmond Linux or another (less windowish) distribution?
That's also not Windows, but may be a little easier for you to work

- A Cow.

Marc Heerdink <marc at>

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