Bash and libncurses

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Bash and libncursesYou need the libcurses.a and libncurses.a to be installed on the 'host distribution' (Redmond Linux).
Since I don't know Redmond Linux, you have to use what ever software package installer program that comes with it to install the ncurses-devel package.
On my mandrake 8.1 system, that package is called libncurses5-dev. So it "might" be different on yours.
Once that package is installed you will then have 'libncurses.a' installed in /usr/lib.
>From the console, go to that folder and make sure it is there.

While still in that folder (/usr/lib) you then create 'libcurses.a' by creating a link to it like so:
ln -s libncurses.a libcurses.a

When you tries to install bash and got the error "bash: ./configure: No such file or directory"
seems to me you were not in the source tree for where you unpacked the bash-2.05a files.

If you can't find how to install libncurses-dev, goto and do a search for it and your distribution.

Hope this helps
I'm trying to get away from Windows myself :-)

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  Ok, so i am a complete newbie using Redmond Linux, and am having problems following the LFS already!! Can anyone help please?

  When i got to the point of installing Bash (and yes i did follow the instructions exactly -several times to make sure!) i do not have either of the /usr/lib/libcurses.a and libncurses.a installed on my new lfs system. 

  do i need these files on my new LFS system or is it referring to my Redmond Linux system?

  As i don't have them installed that is presumable why the next command for installing bash didn't work - the ./configure -enable -static etc etc command and why i get "bash: ./configure: No such file or directory"

  So when i install ncurses directory as the manual says, where do i install it? Is it in the /usr/lib 

  on my new LFS or somewhere else? 

  Someone please help me, its doing me head in and i want to get away from windows!!!


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