Removing Source Tree in Ch 5 [Was Re: problem installing Installing Texinfo-4.0]

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Wed Mar 20 00:58:32 PST 2002

[19.03.02 23:21 -0500] Gerard Beekmans <-- :
> If you run make install and the book ends
> there, it doesn't mean that you're done with that package. There's often a
> lot of things in the source tree you can work with, example configuration
> files, documentation that's not installed in say /usr/share/doc. You'd just
> run the normal installation, then go back and see what else you can do. If
> you rm -rf'ed it...

The only problem I see is the one, most people are just too hasty
in only c&p the commands and get the lfs done, even worse download
the commands and just run them -- instead of taking their time to
read the book first, than think about their own wishes, and explore
the sources before|after they compile. (Yesterday I played QUAKE,
today I installed LFS -- yes, flame me on that one).

But obiously they all find the passage about how to mailinglist.
So for a remark it is the right place. And why not be a bit more
precise, like Before you mail for help
1. reread introduction chapters ...
2. read FAQ
4. read the documentation in the package source
3. search ml
and remember if you repeatedly come up with questions which are in
the FAQ or right in front of your nose in the book, you will loose
your reputation on the mailinglist. This does not mean, we will not
give you an answer, but you should not be astonished if it is RTF..

Just my 2 Euro.
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