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Tue Mar 19 13:15:05 PST 2002

Hmmm... now let's think about it. You are probably right about the boot 
section. So this means that lilo.conf is only needed to run lilo 
(installing it into the mbr). It is not used for anything else. But fir 
the root section... if i would use hdb5,  it would try to start hdb5. 
But the HD will be master drive on another Computer. So, this line 
should really contain hda5, should it?

Vaidyanath Natraj wrote:

> i think ur root is given as /dev/hda5 in the lilo.conf file whereas u seem
>to want it to be /dev/hdb5. Also ur boot shd be /dev/hdb & not /dev/hda
>hope it helps . iam also a linux newbie
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>>Hey, I am running into problems... I want to install lilo into the mbr.
>>I install it on the slave drive so that i can put it into another
>>Computer. I typed:
>>/mnt/LFS/sbin/lilo -C /mnt/LFS/etc/lilo.conf -b /dev/hdb
>>I got the following messages
>>WARNING: LBA32 Adressing mode assumed
>>WARNING: COMPACT may conflict with LBA32 on some systems
>>WARNING: /dev/hdb is not on the first disk (I know that I can ignore
>>this one: I want it to be installed on hdb)
>>FATAL: First boot sector is 21.7 Expecting version 22.1 (weird.... i
>>never used Linux on this harddisk. Why does it know of the presence of
>>lilo 22.1....)
>>And here is my lilo.conf (from LFS: I created it by hand. It might have
>>many errors. I tried hard to get it right :):
>>boot = /dev/hda
>>delay = 40
>>vga = normal
>>image = /boot/lfskernel
>>        label = lfs
>>        root = /dev/hda5
>>        read-only    (is this really needed. I don't understand why it
>>is beeing used...)
>>other = /dev/fd0
>>        label = floppy
>>Is this allright or what could I do?
>>I have some further questions....
>>-The lfs partition is /dev/hdb5, not hdb1... no problem?
>>-The Computer this HD (3Gb) is going to run on will have 64mb ram. How
>>large should the swap partition be? (A silly question, but the documents
>>i looked at were either not very helpful or quite outdated...)
>>Thank you a lot
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