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andrew sprott andru at
Thu Mar 21 10:47:31 PST 2002

> > how can i unixify my dos style text files?
>You could read the FAQ before posting. It gives the answer at:

sorry, but i'm usin lfs 3.0 and it dont mention anythin about this.
anycase i figured, or at least remembered that unix text files
don't contain cr's, so i quickly wrote a x86 filter that removes
all the cr from the files.

i don't gnow if this has been mentioned, but is there any sort of
thing like diffs that allow upgradin to a new version of lfs? atm
i've got all the scripts in 5 files, and they seem to chug along
happily. but it's a bit of a bind when i have to recompile all
these scripts.


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