Chapter6, fileutils--->Problem SOLVED!

Curtis Haas WonderBoy5150 at
Thu Mar 21 16:17:10 PST 2002

I feel like such a fool...
In my scripts, the first one that runs (for LFS-3.1) creates the directory
structure for the new LFS partition and then copies all the files and
scripts needed to install the system to $LFS/usr/src.

The second script is what caused all my problems... it is the 'unpacker'
script. It unpacks all the files from the lfs-packages-3.1.tar &
lfs-bootscripts-3.1.tar to the $LFS/usr/src directory.
Now since I know that some of the programs have to be re-install again in
Chapter6, the script then creates the folder $LFS/usr/src/chapter6. Then the
script copies the source trees that are needed again in Chapter6 too that
chapter6 folder, and that was where I found my problem, thanks to this

The 'copying routine' in my script was using: cp -r
And not: cp -a

I've learned now that '-r' will not copy everything.

Can someone tell me if, in the *NIX world, are directory/sub-directory
structures referred to as 'archives'?
Because the man page for 'cp' says '-a' means archive. That's it.

I may be a newbie, but at least I didn't give up on this problem. It may
have taken me 20+ installs over a 2 week period, but alas, I found my
problem. I 'learned' something I guess..
I made scripts for LFS-3.2 and they are working happily along with LFS-3.1.

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> On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 08:13:34PM -0500, Curtis Haas wrote:
> > But will wait until what the responses from the Mailing-list say before
I try them
> I can't say I have an answer. I'ver never seen this kind behaviour that
> every other installation attempt fails. If you find a solution do let us
> know.
> As to the time it takes to install 15 LFS systems: I have a pretty good
> idea how long it takes. I've installed a couple of LFS systems over the
> last while ;)
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