autoloading modules at boot

Curtis Haas WonderBoy5150 at
Thu Mar 21 18:55:52 PST 2002

How can you get kernel modules to load automatically at boot.
I was able to get my NIC to load when I first got LFS working a few weeks back by putting
alias eth0 3c59x in the /etc/modules.conf, but now I want to get some of my other modules to load.
sb (soundblaster)
awe_wave (soundblaster awe wave effects)

I looked in my host distro's /etc/modules.conf and see:
alias sound-slot-0 sb
alias synth0 awe_wave

But when I add these to the LFS system's /etc/modules.conf, they don't load after I reboot.
I know the modules work when I 'modprobe' them, just can't get them to load at boot time.
Are the sound-slot-0 and synth0 devices (/dev/xxx) or variables?
I am thinking the system just doesn't know what sound-slot-0 and synth0 are...

And why is it that when I save the modules.conf file, during boot up I get a message saying something like:
insmod: something something /etc/modules.conf is newer than /lib/modules/2.4.17/modules.dep

appreciate the help
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