Adding new users

Jeff mr2323a at
Fri Mar 22 19:16:35 PST 2002

From: "ira mendell" <ibm at>
> realize that they added items to the man useradd.  your right -n is only in
> Redhat version.
>   A script would be better if I knew how to write one.
> I gather the long way is in order then;
>  1)  groupadd -g(gid) <newuser name>
>  2) useradd -m<newuser name>
>  3) passwd <newuser>
>  4) cd /home/<newuser>
>  5) chown -R <newuser>
> I hope this is getting closer.  I think I still would have to set user id?
> and change permissions?
You can leave off the chown, it's automatically done. You might need to
specify the shell option. I don't know if Redhat defaults to bash or not (the
Redhat install puts ash, tcsh and some others on by default). The groupadd
command doesn't need the gid option, it's automatic (unless you _want_ to
specify a number). And finally, I hope that <newuser name> on the groupadd is
a typo. It should be the new group name. Either way, _in this instance_ ,if
manpages don't spell it out clearly (as they sometimes don't IMO) it shouldn't
hurt to play around with these commands. I tend to learn more from using the
commands and seeing what they did, than just reading a manpage alone.
*Warning* My perspective is that I'm willing to trash a system to learn. The
system I play (learn) on has no data that even needs to be saved, and yes,
I've trashed it before. Figuring out why, and how to fix it is even more fun
(knowledge). Please take that into account (though the useradd, groupadd,
etc..commands are fairly benign).

Have fun!

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