Which packages are critical?

Frank Schmalz linux at heldengift.de
Sat Mar 23 00:42:31 PST 2002


Hmm, avoid installing?
Most (if not all) of the packages are needed for the installation.
May be deleting unneeded stuff after successful installation is the better 
So what do you need to keep the system running?
this depends very hard on what services you want to use on the router.
e.g. deleting vi is IMHO a bad idea, since it will leave the system 
a router should have IMHO openssh, too.

ok my first rough guess:
what is not needed anymore
-findutils (I think... find needed by any bootup script?)
-grep (warning! it will be hard to scan logfiles then)
-groff (this will affect man)
-less (again logfiles!)
-man & man-pages
-perl (autsch... again logfiles will become a pain)

again, the system will be a pain to maintain then.
any comments on this by others?. It'is been just a rough estimate.


At 01:02 23.03.2002 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm trying to figure out which packages are critical to the system running.
>I'm trying to build a minimal configuration linux router which does not need
>make, gcc, vi, etc, etc, etc...  However, I'm not sure which packages I can
>avoid installing, and which ones I need.
>Does anyone know which are the minimal packages necessary to get an LFS 3.2
>system network functional?
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