Adding new users

Speed cfi at
Sat Mar 23 07:34:24 PST 2002

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, ira mendell wrote:
>     I've created etc/skel with apropriate files.
> I want to add a user, add its password and add its new group.  Am I on
> the right track with the following command:
> useradd -m<newuser> -n<newuser> -p<newuser password> -u<newuser>

I have a tweaked version of the Slackware-8.0 'adduser' script on the old
web site. The modified script creates a group of the same name as the new
user, as is done in Debian. Also, rather than creating uid's on a 'next
available' basis if not specified, I prefer one to be input.

Apart from these two hacks, the script is the same.

They are available from here if you need them:



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