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harvit harvit at
Sat Mar 23 15:45:48 PST 2002


Well, my question is as the subject says:
is it possible to make a sub-mount[s]?

The problem is as follows:

1)have a device mounted somewhere, e.g. /dev/hda1 on '/',
2)have a dir structure created on it, e.g. /foo1, /foo2 etc.,
3)mount another dev under /fooX, e.g. /dev/hdb1 at /foo1, 
4)have a dir structure created on /dev/hdb1, e.g. /foofoo1, /foofoo2 etc.,
resulting in /fooX/foofooX subdir structure.

Now: is it possible to do additional [sub]-mounts under /fooX/foofooX ?
I realise the case is at least to control the mount order but not sure if
I can do it using only fstab entries for example. Which way can I assure
fstab entries are processed in proper order?

Thanks in advance,

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