Static Routes?

Eric ebenze at
Sun Mar 24 08:57:57 PST 2002

Am I missing something?  I've already gone thru the bootscripts
(rc.d/init.d/network), and basically, it looks for a config file where
ONBOOT is set to yes, and if so, then extracts the IP address, and Netmask
from it.  But if you have multiple static routes that must be set, then I
would need to create a separate config file for each route.  But then the
problem is that init.d/network calls ifup using the extension of
ifconfig.eth0 as its argument.  So I can't create multiple ifconfig.eth0

Any ideas?

ie: if I want to add let's say
route add -net netmask eth1
route add -net netmask eth1
route add -net netmask eth2
route add -net netmask eth0

There don't seem to be any scripts that exist in LFS to automate this for
you.  I don't have a problem writing my own script, I just think it is an
oversight....  Am I wrong?



"Don Smith" <midio at> wrote in message
news:a7ku9s$h32$1 at
> "Eric" <ebenze at> wrote in message
> news:a7ktns$g9b$1 at
> > I'm worndering if there is something pre-existant in LFS 3.2 to add
> static
> > routes automatically to the system through the config files.  I've
> been
> > looking at the ifup scripts and the ifconfig.XXX setup files, but
> can't
> > really find anything specific there.  In my older Redhat system, there
> is a
> > static.routes file which is read by ifup-routes, but there doesn't
> really
> > seem to be anything in LFS to do this.
> >
> > Is this an oversight?  Or am I missing the obvious again?
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Eric
> >
>  It is in the bootscripts, specifically rc.d/init.d/network
> Don

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