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On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 10:14:27PM -0500, jrok jrok wrote:
> What is the size of the standard LFS install?  I was just in the process of 
> compiling glibc it on a 2 gig hard disk and it told me that I ran out of 
> space!  Is there a way to move my partitions to a different disk without 
> having to reformat all my long hours of LFS work?

As other's have mentioned, you've problably not removed the old source
trees, which are eating up all the disk space.  They can eat *alot*
believe it or not.  If you do remove them after the package is
installed, then a 2GB partition should be twice as much as you need.

A little while ago, the recommendation was a 750MB partition, however
over time that became too small and with some testing it was found that
1GB was a much better recommendation.  It can be done with a smaller
size, but if you go "By The Book" that should be more then you need.

When your all done, she hovers in the ~400MB (iirc, it's been a while)
range.  But after stripping she can usually be brough down to ~150MB.

Saai for example, has his finished systems in ~90MB.  While removing
specific packages that he didn't want nor need ;) (autoconf, automake,
perl, etc)

So, the thing to remenber; While installing a package, always remove it
when done, and strip it if you want.  Apart from the fact it just wastes
disk space, it adds quite a bit of clutter :)

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