Kernel size

Marc Heerdink marc at
Mon Mar 25 15:03:57 PST 2002

Op ma 25-03-2002, om 17:24 schreef Benjamin Schindler:
> Hey, I am just wondering:
> What is a normal size of a Kernel? I know that this is depending on the 
> options you select. But just for a rule of thumb...
> Mine is ~980Kb large (the size of the kernel image). Is this large or is 
> this small?

My servers kernel is just over 500 kb and quite modularized. The kernel
for my desktop box is 900 kb large, only 2 modules.

I guess 980kb is quite large, considering the amount of features built
into my 900kb kernel (2 soundcards, usb support, i2c support, usb mouse,
framebuffer etc). 

- A Cow.

Marc Heerdink <marc at>

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