problems with init

Cool Genie CoolGenie at
Mon Mar 25 23:48:29 PST 2002

I've decided to make my own LFS distribution. I've created a partition
(reiserfs filesystem), set up all the directories. I've installed
sysvinit. First I've changed the Makefile, by adding ROOT = /mnt/hda5
and changing the last four lines in the file. Then, I've ran $ make -e
LDFLAGS=-static; make install.
After that, I've copied all the files from /dev into
/mnt/hda5/dev. I've added the /mnt/hda5/etc/inittab file. Then, I've
copied the /etc/lilo.conf into /mnt/hda5/etc directory. I've added
this into /mnt/hda5/etc/lilo.conf:


Then I've run $ lilo -C /mnt/hda5/etc/lilo.conf.
I've rebooted. The kernel works fine up to the point where it says:

Warning: Unable to open an initial console.
Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.

I've no clue what happens here. But there's more: I've added a line

and guess what happens: it boots my old linux system! I've no clue, 'cause
the system is on /dev/hda8 and not hda5.
I'm really depressed. This seemed so easy. I think I did everything like the
book said.

Thanks in advance for any help.

P.S. FGL is supposed to stand for F***ing Good Linux. Well, it's not any
good at all at this point...  for F***ing Good Linux. Well, it's not any  he  . 
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