VFS: Mounted root (msdos filesystem) readonly.

Andreas Meinl mail at andreasmeinl.de
Wed Mar 27 04:50:02 PST 2002

Thank you for your help; I have it, if anybody wants to know. The following 
solution was brought to me by Andreas Ferber:

The kernel tries to mount the root partition and before it can test if it is 
a reiserfs it tests if it is a msdos partition and because its test succeded 
it mounts the partition as msdos. (See the link order of the filessystem 
modules of the compiles kernel.)

And before I have formated the partition with reiserfs I had msdos on this 
partition and mkreiserfs has not changed the first sector of this partition 
which contains the fat bootsector and the msdos filesystem finds this sector 
and says this is a msdos partition.

To solve this problem I have deleted this sector using dd if=/dev/zero 
of=/dev/hda8 bs=512 count=1 and now it works fine.

Andreas Meinl

 mail at andreasmeinl.de
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