First time v3.2

Fraenhawk fraenhawk at
Wed Mar 27 06:24:01 PST 2002

OK, I'm familiar with linux and compiling, but when I read about LFS I
thought it would be a great learning experience building from the ground up.
And I have learned a bunch already.

So far everything has gone according to the book. However I have a dillema -
and I can't imagine that this never came up, so I'm thinking it's gotta be
I'm in chapter 6 installing VIM. However I get a failure because of a
dependency that's not listed for vim in the book: autoconf

Autoconf was not part of the static installs in 5 and it doesn't come for
like 8 more steps in 6, so I can understand the failure. I looked down the
list and don't see the next ones requiring vim so I figured I'd just skip it
until after autoconf.

However, very next step is gcc. Had no problem with the chapter 5 gcc
because I still had my RedHat install to rely on for dependencies (oh, and I
deleted my source directories between ch5 and ch6 - fresh tarball unpack)
but now in chapter 6, gcc is failing the make bootstrap because "bison:
command not found". Well of course - bison isn't until the next step, but
yet again - bison is not listed as a dependency for gcc in the book. Am I
missing something here?!?

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