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X-posted to lfs-dev and lfs-support; followup's to lfs-dev please

On Thu, 28, Mar, 2002 at 09:18:08AM +1100, nich spoke thus..
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> > On Wed, 27, Mar, 2002 at 04:54:59AM -0800, Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee spoke thus..
> > > There is one exception; the kernel source tree. Keep it around as you
> > > will need it later in this book when building a kernel. Nothing will use
> > > the kernel tree so the source tree won't be in your way."
> > Actually IMO we should add to this:
> >
> > "However, if you are short of disk space, you can remove the kernel tree
> > and re-untar it later when required."
> cheers thats the bit i missed i knew about the rest, but somewhere there is
> notes about keeping kernel source, which I assume now is for after you
> config a proper kernel
Gerard, Marc, can I have a quick hands up / down vote for adding the
sentence I proposed to the book?  (Just to clear up people's confusion

Please follow up to lfs-dev


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