Glibc2.2.5 configure problem (LFS-3.2)

Q-ha Park qhpark at
Wed Mar 27 13:49:20 PST 2002

hmmmm, since i didn't follow this from the beginning, i might be off the
context (i.e. i don't whether this problem comes from compiling Glibc).

but i just wanted to mention that "bash: /bin/grep: No such file or
directory" seems to have very little to do with "grep" itself. just make
sure (to be safe) your `echo $PATH` is correct, chmod is set correctly to be
executed. hope (and i think) you've already done this, but just tryin be


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I noticed something wrong with grep. It always gives an output like this:

bash: /bin/grep: No such file or directory

The same problem is with gzip too.

I reinstalled gcc, grep. But the problem still exists.

I think the gcc is working fine with the conftest.c.
I want to know whether grep matters with the installation of Glibc.

>That's the same thing I had. It means gcc wasn't installed properly.
>You'll need to go back and reinstall gcc.


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