Minimal Requirements of Distribution

timothy bauscher dev at
Thu Mar 28 08:38:54 PST 2002

> I have about three gigs of space on my linux box that I wish to
> install my 
> lfs system on.  My host distribution was initially Redhat 7.2 but the
> 7.2 
> standard install is 1.5 gigabytes!  I was wondering what the best 
> distribution was to use as a host for an lfs system.  By best I mean I
> want 
> a distribution that just contains all the programs or tools necessary
> to 
> compile the lfs system, no more no less.  Can anyone suggest a
> distribution 
> that is optimal for this.  Slackware, Debian, SuSe?  Any help here
> would be 
> appreciated.

Debian worked very well. It requires very little space.

The only problem i had with Debian is that it wasn't
truly mine. In other words, other people made decisions
for me and took the fun out of GNU/Linux.

With Debian, you will need to apt-get install ncurses-dev
before you can begin compiling. I recommend Woody
(testing) instead of Potato (stable) because Potato is so

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