Time problems....

Mark Binns mbinns at compsoc.man.ac.uk
Thu Mar 28 09:16:15 PST 2002

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Benjamin Schindler wrote:
> But I compiled a kernel before, where I saw many warnings like: Warning:
> time skrew: your build may be incomplete
That probably means that the make targets are newer than the things they
depend on. That sort of thing sometimes happens when you've put the code
on a nfs share where the clock on the server differs from the one on the
client. Either that or odd things are happening with your realtime clock.

> Is it dangerour to use this kernel, or shall I recompile it?
I'd compile it again if I were you, just to be sure. Copy out the .config
file, do a make mrproper, copy the file back, do a make dep, make clean,
make bzImage, etc...


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