GCC 3 success story

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.co.uk
Thu Mar 28 12:25:25 PST 2002

Nils Radtke wrote:

> Hm, there must be a not yet found correlation with gcc on your
> system. I' running gcc 3.0.4, glibc-2.2.5 with a separate /usr
> partition and I've done a default gcc installation. My system boots
> smoothly :-) (w/o the link)

You must have copied libgcc.so from /usr/lib to /lib; or have been
very lucky.  If you do ldd /sbin/fsck, then this program depends on
libgcc.  When you boot, then root is read only, and /usr is not
mounted; so how can fsck work.  Done this already, system stops dead.

I did not put any links in /usr/lib; just moved libgcc to /lib.

I hate this idea though, you would have to do this every time that you
upgrade gcc.

Either we must go for a one partition choice; or find a way to force
the libraries into /lib


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