Java Support?

Eric ebenze at
Thu Mar 28 23:59:28 PST 2002


I'm trying to install the Java Micro Edition in my LFS 3.2 system, but I'm
running into a small problem.  Unfortunately, to compile the J2ME edition,
you need the Java 2 SDK.  The SDK seems to be huge to compile on its own
(and badly documented), so I've tried to circumvent the issue by using the
binary RPM.  Of course, that's where I start to run into problems.

My initial system that I used to create my LFS system was a Redhat 7.2. I
d'led the SDK rpm and installed it on my original RedHat install.  Now, I'm
trying to compile the Micro Edition in my LFS, but it complains that I don't
have the right libraries (is looking for glibc 6.1.1).  Of course, LFS 3.2
is libc6.2.2.

Any idea how I can get around this problem?  Has anyone installed Java
support in their LFS system?  Can you please give me tips/pointers on how?



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